Presbyopia, Greek for"aging eye," is a progressive condition that causes near vision to fade with age.

Presbyopia is the most prevalent eye condition in America. It affects most people by the age of 40 and everyone by the age of 51. An estimated 90 million American Baby Boomers either have presbyopia or will develop the condition in the next 10 years. 

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Symptoms of presbyopia include difficulty with all forms of near vision, such as reading, ordering from a menu, checking a price tag, dialing a cell phone, or even doing hobby work.

People affected by presbyopia often own multiple pairs of reading glasses and must rely on them for even the most mundane of daily tasks.

Presbyopia is the one inescapable vision disorder that will eventually affect us all. The frustration many people feel with on-again, off-again annoyance of reading glasses cannot be overemphasized. CK eye surgery is just what Baby Boomers have been waiting for to help them get rid of their reading glasses and safely see like they did when they were young.

Presbyopia has been treated traditionally with reading glasses or bifocals. For anyone over age 50, reading glasses are almost inevitable. Until recently, people with presbyopia have not been able to correct their problem with surgery because the available procedures were not effective. However, developments in vision correction surgery reduce the need for reading glasses. One exciting option, approved by the FDA, is Conductive Keratoplasty (CK)


Cataracts and Presbyopia

If you have Cataracts then you definitely have Presbyopia. Modern Cataract Surgery has traditionally implanted monofocal lenses, which give excellent distance vision but still require you to use reading glasses or bifocals to see up close. Recent advances in Lens Implant technology have yielded Multifocal and Accommodative Lenses that are designed to provide distance as well as near vision. Finally the prospective of being"glasses free" is a possibility. There are multiple types of lenses to choose from. Let our Doctors educated you on this new technology and help you decide which lens is right for you.

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